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Month: October 2009

Tết Trung Thu – the dragon

Tết Trung Thu – the drum

Okay, back to Mid-Autumn now.

A French singer in Hanoi

A little pause on the Mid-Autumn Festival, as I just got back home from a concert with Francis Cabrel, a french singer-songwriter and guitarist. The guy is pretty popular back home and has been around for quite a while –… Continue Reading…

Tết Trung Thu – The fire dancer

Tết Trung Thu

Yesterday was an important date for the Vietnamese people, as they all gathered in the street to celebrate ‘Tết Trung Thu’, a.k.a. the Mid-Autumn Festival. The city center was unbelievably crowded and many youngsters were wearing masks and accessories; what… Continue Reading…

Tea for three

Like in China, tea is a hugely popular beverage here (along with local vodka & beer, naturally). October is still hot, so you may want to enjoy it chilled!


(I can’t think of a better word to describe it.)

Sugar rush

Sometimes – when I miss France too much, or when I am in dire need for sugar – nothing is quite like the pastries from the Metropole. Ah, the things I would do for this chocolate tart!