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Vietnam’s Uncle

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  • Good morning from the US!
    I saw that saigon-today linked your blog so I had to take a look.
    Every enjoyable!
    I backtracked all the way through your 100th post and look forward to seeing all the others soon.

    Our family is passionate about Vietnam. We have traveled twice, adopting our two kiddos.
    We are starting VN lessons in August and are on a five year plan to up and move.(We shall see with finding jobs, international school, etc. Oh the Details!)

    So, thank you for taking my heart each day to the country I love.
    (blog and pics)

  • Natasha: I'm glad my photos can somehow make you travel to Vietnam ;). Vietnamese is difficult but fun to learn, it'll be an interesting experience for sure!

    M: It's an ornament I found in a manor, not far from the city center. Not really a shrine per se; to go worship Uncle Ho you need to go to the mausoleum, the atmosphere there is really something.

    Amy: not sure how old it is exactly.. As it wasn't part of a museum it's a bit difficult to estimate :).

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