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Month: May 2009

Valet parking (bis)

Picture this with some engine and horn noises, and it’s like you were here!

Valet parking

As Vietnam’s traffic is something close to 99% bikes (though we see more and more cars), you can imagine that valet parking is something quite different than what we’re used to in other countries! Those guys will make sure that… Continue Reading…


You probably will have noticed by now that Hanoi doesn’t have a lot of tall buildings (and I think that’s part of the charm of it all); today however I made good use of my visit to the Sofitel Plaza… Continue Reading…

Gà nướng

This is ‘honey chicken street’, or the best place to have gà nướng and other comfort food… Went there last night and it was better than just finger lickin’ good!

The storm

You can’t actually observe it on the photo, but I could literally see the storm coming with the rain slowly making its way over the lake. Fantastic moment!

Nano Home Depot

[traditional street shop in the Old Quarter]


I was getting tickets at the Opera the other day, and from the ticket counter I told myself ‘the road sure looks wider than before’. Not until I realized that the roundabout that used to be right in the middle…… Continue Reading…

The little communist shop

[somewhere in the Old Quarter]


It’s not often that you see a cyclo that isn’t transporting tourists, whether French, German or Korean; so when I saw this cute family I just couldn’t resist!

Back in the old days

Believe it or not, this is one of the classic sights in Hanoi – not that you see them everyday in the city, but you will sure get a good chance to have a close look if you go nearby… Continue Reading…