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Month: April 2009

Face à face

As you know by now, the Temple of Literature is one of my favourite spots in Hanoi. Why? Just because when I bring my visitors there (it’s one of the ‘must see’ in the city), I like to look around… Continue Reading…


Bikes of burden, take two.

Old friendship

I like how those two exhale such a sense of tranquility in their conversation… Don’t you think?

Walking by

[somewhere in the Old Quarter]

Green paddies

Sometimes you just need a short break from the city, its traffic and its noise. You won’t need to go very far from the center – but what a break it is!


I’m a sucker for nice Vespas – no matter what generation!

Bikes of burden

One of my favorite activities now is to just stand by the road side or at a junction and wait for this kind of shot to present itself. Fellow photographer Hans Kemp even published an entire book about it –… Continue Reading…

Bus stop

[somewhere on the other side of the West Lake]

Hard workers

Something I find quite striking in Vietnam is the proportion of women involved in the ‘tough’ jobs which, by most of western standards, are traditionally handled by men. You will find those courageous women doing road works (as you can… Continue Reading…

Fruits and booze

Whether you are craving for fruits or just wanting to stock up your bar, this ‘convenience store’ will cater to your needs. Tangerines, mangos, dragon fruits, apples, oranges, pomelos, and Vodka Hà Nội: everything’s there!