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‘The’ junction

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This probably is one of the most famous junctions in Hanoi. Why? Well, the photo probably doesn’t manage to give you the same feeling a video would do, but trust me – this is often where the tourists visiting Hanoi go take the ‘I can cross a vietnamese street’ test!

3 Replies to “‘The’ junction”

  • The video is amazing! When you are the one in the middle of the roundabout, crossing the street, you do not realize that it could actually seem poetic from afar. Have you been to Cambodia yet? It’s funny how crossing the street there is as chaotic as here in VN, yet the “rules” are slightly different!

  • Mimi: yup I went to Cambodia a couple of times, it's true that the traffic is somewhat similar – though not as dense as Vietnam

    Cara: there are some (unofficial) rules:
    1. Don't mess with trucks/buses, they're pretty much all reckless
    2. Drive slowly (in town it's pretty rare to go beyond 20-30km/h)
    3. the 'tonnage rule': the heaviest vehicle always has got the priority (even if it doesn't respect the basic traffic rules). Buses > trucks > cars > motorbikes > bicycles > pedestrians.
    4. when you're a pedestrian, you will find that it's impossible to wait for the flow to stop, as it will never happen.. So you just have to cross with a steady pace, and the bikes will avoid you (kind of like sand through your fingers!).

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