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Month: March 2009

Chopsticks & spoons

[in a restaurant near Hanoi]

Next in line

I love train rides; I find them to be one of the best ways to see what Vietnam is all about. I spent the two last weekends in the countryside, not very far from Hanoi, and had the best time.… Continue Reading…

Wedding accessories

The car, the dresses… I think you have (almost) everything brides and grooms dream of for their big day!

Weird wires

[in front of the Opera House]

Bánh mì on wheels

Bánh mì – the Vietnamese ‘baguette’ – is probably one of the more notorious remains of the French occupation ; its pronunciation is actually very close to ‘pain de mie’ (French for ‘sandwich loaf’)! Definitely something you should try when… Continue Reading…

Family trip

As you know by now, Vietnam lives on – and for – motorbikes. Found this cute motorized family as I was walking by the French quarter!

The in-laws

You saw the wedding dresses, now’s the time to meet the parents!

Wedding season

There are seasons that are more auspicious to wedding celebrations, and we’re headed towards the end of one. I’ve been attending three of them in about a month, and although they’re pretty different in nature than their Western counterparts, it’s… Continue Reading…

On dry land

Apparently not every puppet in Vietnam is meant to be in the water!

Everyone is a millionaire

Yup, it isn’t very difficult to be a millionaire in the local Vietnamese currency – the đồng (1,000,000 đ equal US$ 57.20 as of today). As you can guess then, the notes shown above are among the smallest ones!