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Bicycle pooling

HDP  143
The ability of the students to find new ways of sharing a bicycle (or even a motorbike sometimes) will never cease to amaze me.

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  • Hi Jérôme,

    I accidently came across your blog with all the great pictures of Hanoi.
    What is further more a funny coincidence: Two very good friends of me have been right now at Hanoi for three days. At the moment they are on the way to the airport to travel to Hue in the middle of Vietnam.
    We are in contact via email and so I’m always informed about their last and next steps.

    By the way: Great photos and Scenes you show us about Hanoi. Full of atmosphere! Keep on blogging!

    Salutations de l’Allemagne / Regards from Germany,


  • Very nice capture !
    I just loved the zen restaurant, the street haircut and the local food drive-in! Isn’t it amazing how much you can achieve with very little ?

  • really nice photos you have there.
    being a hanoian myself, I’m quite embarrassed that I have yet to encounter a blog talking about Hanoi’s places… You really do encourage me to create 1. Haha~~
    Thanks for taking the time and please do keep up the good work.

  • what amazing photographs you have! thanks for showing us hanoi!

    am actually planning on visiting hanoi… so i am looking up on things to do in hanoi… that’s why i ended up in your blog.

    great work!

  • This black and white picture has a subtle effect that I can’t really explain. Very nice.

    The bicycle seems a bit small for bicycle pooling. Having said that, it reminds me of my days back many years ago :o)

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