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Fine lacquer

HDP  130
Most tourists who visit Hanoi bring some lacquerware back home, and for a good reason: the one produced here is of excellent quality and has evolved from traditional motifs to more vibrant colors and modern shapes. Here’s a piece I like from my favourite lacquer shop, which is tiny (probably no more than two meters in width!) but has got a lot to offer. Go visit them if you can, they’re called the ‘Vietnamese Craft Guild’ and they’re located on To Tich street. Enjoy, and happy new year 2009!

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  • Jerome, I notice you didn’t put up a “Best of 2008” photo for the theme day, but wanted to tell you I think you are one of the most talented photographers in our CDPB community, and I’m so glad to be able to enjoy your many and varied images. I would be hard pressed to choose just one favorite from among them. I wish you continued fun blogging your shots in 2009, and good health and much happiness in this new year!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  • Hi Kim,

    thank you so much for the kind words! I was actually caught up in the holiday season and forgot to register for the monthly CDPB contribution :).
    I wish you all the best for the year to come, and keep up the great photos!


  • haha, I’m impressed mate, I picked up just a set for a friend for a Christmas present, from that exact same shop 😀 I agree, I always go there when I need a present or to send something home

  • Jérôme, you’re in luck. Starting next month, you don’t need to pre-register for theme days anymore. Just include the required code in the html of your theme day post, and it will get picked up in the gallery.

    I agree with Kim – your photography is beautiful!

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