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The train (1)

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Back from holidays!
My family and I took the train to go down to the Central provinces, and we naturally made a few stops along the way. We used buses, minivans, taxi, motorbikes, and a flight.. And of course the Reunification train, that runs from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Here’s a scene from this train, and I’ll probably post a few more this week!

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  • Great photo! I’ve never visited Vietnam but when I do I have to travel on that train (I had no idea about the name, but it makes sense, of course)! It must be a great way to know the country.

  • It’s funny how I’ve just google(d) where to buy a case for my Macbook and accidentally found your blog in the outcome results. For a foreigner to possibly capture such beautiful photo of our people, it must’ve meant smth more than a luck. You surprise me!!

    Good job!!!

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