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Month: December 2008

The train (2)

[somewhere between Hanoi and Ninh Binh]

The train (1)

Back from holidays! My family and I took the train to go down to the Central provinces, and we naturally made a few stops along the way. We used buses, minivans, taxi, motorbikes, and a flight.. And of course the… Continue Reading…


My family is arriving tomorrow in Hanoi and we’ll be traveling around on our motorbikes; so enjoy this photo while I’m away, and I’ll be back with many more! In advance, Merry Christmas!

Cute thing

Okay, this isn’t technically Hanoi, but it’s not that far – in the North. I took this during my one-week motorbike trip, during which I saw some fantastic sights. Thankfully there weren’t that many cars on the road, so those… Continue Reading…

Jingle bells

Found this engraved bell in the Bút Tháp pagoda; my poor vietnamese skills only allow me to decipher ‘Chùa Bút Tháp’ (Bút Tháp pagoda), ‘thành phố Hạ Long’ (Halong city) and ‘Tỉnh Quảng Ninh’ (Quảng Ninh province). Yeah I know, I really oughta… Continue Reading…

What a house!

In case you’re wondering, this was taken right in the heart of Hanoi! To be more exact, right inside the excellent Museum of Ethnology of Vietnam (Bảo tàng Dân tộc học Việt Nam) which showcases the numerous ethnic minorities that… Continue Reading…

Pagoda season

[inside Bút Tháp pagoda]

Little Buddha

I found this interesting statuette in the Bút Tháp pagoda premises (this site is approximately 60 km away from Hanoi centre – translate into a 2h30 motorbike ride); the pagoda, which dates back to the 13th century, is really worth… Continue Reading…


[on Hồ Tây]

On a break

[nearby a tourist gift shop in the center]