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Month: September 2008


Here’s a shop where you can buy ornaments to be displayed on the small ‘houses’ for the departed.. Always reminds me of Thailand, where such a tradition is also still very vivid.

Blood orange

Funky color for a house. Would you dare?


Time for a casual chit-chat in front of the temple… Nothing beats that.

Bún chả

Rice noodles, pork meat and some broth; simple yet delicious! 


Vespa shops are blossoming in every part of the city, offering the cute, colorful scooters to those interested – well, for a nifty price tag. I’m dying to get one!

Bánh trung thu

Like in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and a couple of other asian countries, now is the time for the Mid-autumn Festival preparation; the associated legends that go around it vary from place to place, and Vietnam’s version is about Thằng Cuội, where… Continue Reading…


Many taxi drivers around here have pineapples in their cars. Yes, pineapples. How random is that? Some say it’s a good odor-absorber, but really, I don’t know. What’s your theory?

National Day

63 years ago, Hồ Chí Minh was declaring the independence of Vietnam and the creation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. I really wanted to join the celebrations but got stuck at work until 11.30pm and was only able to take… Continue Reading…

Theme Day: Sister Cities

[Zhang Xiaogang – photo by Natalie Behring] Beijing is one of Hanoi’s sisters cities, and there truly is no doubt about that. Regardless of the cultural differences felt by Chinese and Vietnamese people, I can’t help but think there is… Continue Reading…