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Month: September 2008


This is something you’ll see quite a lot in Hanoi: a bicycle heavily loaded with coal cylinders. They’re used by the street restaurant and you’ll notice them on the road at the end of the day, when they will have… Continue Reading…

Hot club

Bumped into this club when I was walking around – made me smile.


[one of the victory monuments around town]

Wedding prep

When I say everything here happens in the street, it really is the case. Proof to the point: this wedding car being covered with flowers and ribbons. There are some common points between East and West, aren’t there?


Remember the tube-house? Here’s the front door!


As promised the other day, here’s a close-up of a Mid-Autumn cake (a.k.a. bánh trung thu); these are been sold all over the place until today! Incredibly rich, they can be made of lotus seeds, black sesame, durian, and many… Continue Reading…

Eclipse… not

Hanoi’s skies are very peculiar, especially at this time of the year; often grey, it takes some time to get used to. But I think this one is pretty cool! Have a good weekend, everyone.

Green overflow

I often walk around looking above my head to catch unusual stuff… Couldn’t help but notice this elaborate plant overflowing the balcony; someone must have a green hand – at least greener than mine, as all plants that are on… Continue Reading…


Today sees this blog’s hundredth post! The past week has been keeping me uber-busy with work and I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to wander around and take photos. So here’s another sight from my neighborhood, which… Continue Reading…


[behind Dong Xuan market]