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Flying high

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Found this flag in a couple of temples around town and I am still wondering what it’s about. Your theories?

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  • No idea, but it does have a wonderful array of colours. It would be interesting to find out who or what this reperesents.

    I have had real problems actually posting comments on your blog recently. Blogger has been very strange recently.

  • This flag is called “Ngu Hanh” flag. Ngu = Five; Hanh = Elements. That is from the ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy expressing how nature is composed of. Fire is Red; Earth is Golden (yellow or brown) Wood is Green; Water is Blue (or Black, which is generally avoided in Vietnamese culture because it represents death). The color White should represent Metal, the fifth element, but here it is Pink. Not sure why. I am not sure what the symbol in the center is. It could be just a shape of something or it could be a Chinese character. If is is a character, it looks very much like that of a “Girl/Lady/Woman.”

  • Could be indeed "woman" 女 (but not convinced), or "size" 丈, or "letter, literature, message" 文.
    Thats' not obvious.

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