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Month: August 2008

Red umbrella

Same area than yesterday’s photo – but no black and white. Or so it seems!

Lone fisher

Heavy skies… Time to go fishing on the West Lake.

Wine of the month

This wine shop just closed.. Thanks god for all the other ones that still are there! Have a good weekend everyone!

Quick fix

Here’s what happens when you have a flat tire in the middle of the city: you just fix it at the next junction!

Spell checker

Do you remember the other day when I told you about the copies of well-known pieces of art? I might have forgotten to mention that sometimes, they can be a little bit different from the original… Especially when the original… Continue Reading…

Magic indeed!

No snakes, no funky insects in there; nope, those are rum infusions as you can read above. You can find them at a bar I’m starting to like – Roots! The banana works like magic, and I can’t wait to try… Continue Reading…

Magic potions?

Can you guess what those are? (answer in tomorrow’s post!)

Bia Hơi

Bia Hơi is another vietnamese institution, consisting in drinking locally-brewed beer in a loud and bustling atmosphere; it can be quite fun when you know what food to order along (everything is in Vietnamese – at least to the one… Continue Reading…

Flying high

Found this flag in a couple of temples around town and I am still wondering what it’s about. Your theories?


Because the weekend is almost there, here’s a photo that just feels to me like we are already there. You won’t see so many sidewalks such as the one above in Hanoi; most of them are much narrower and most… Continue Reading…