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Apple store… Not.

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As I was looking around town for an Apple authorized reseller to bring my laptop in for servicing, I fell on this amusing pastiche of other (official) well-known stores of the californian brand. Of course it is not at all on the official apple.com website; otherwise I’m sure it would win some kind of award.

6 Replies to “Apple store… Not.”

  • I guess Vietnam also has a big gray market? 😉

    I like how that sleek, metallic building contrasts with the concrete, pillared and balconied one beside it.

  • So you have an Apple store in your city? Cool! I too like the metallic facade. I would love to see another angle. That tree looks like it is right next to the wall. How did they build that thing??? I am going for my Apple one on one in a while. I will have to show them your photo today.

  • They actually built the building around the tree; I visited an apartment in the same street, where a tree was also ‘invading’ the facade. That’s some serious environmental integration ;).

  • C’est drôle, en regardant la photo, je n’avais d’yeux que pour le bâtiment rose à colonnes à côté et je en me demandais pourquoi vous parliez d’Apple… hahaha

  • haha i dont think that is one. I know some real authorized stores (dont think they are resellers though) of Apple in Hanoi. And the one in your picture is definitely not one of them. I’m wondering what it is.

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