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Month: June 2008

Over the cuckoo’s nest

I saw this bird in a cage, at some junction in the Old Quarter. Hopefully it’s not going to end in some restaurant’s kitchen.

Colour fest

Some street shops really are super-specialized; proof to this point, this color painting powders shop. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to buy one of those plastic bags, but I sure know I will be dropping by again to… Continue Reading…

Tiếng Việt

I had my first Vietnamese lesson two days ago; for those who doubted it – it’s tough! Today is the second lesson; wish me luck.

On the road again

Ask anyone who arrived in here for the first time what their first shock was, and I bet you’ll probably hear about the traffic. Yep, it really is something. By all means I’m not saying that it’s worse than Paris… Continue Reading…

Grands Crus anyone?

Hanoi is probably the French-est asian capital there is; you can’t go around town for more than an hour before hearing the sulky-ish babbling that is so typical of my native language. You keep bumping into a lot of French… Continue Reading…


I was roaming around when I noticed this lovely back alley, where two bikes can’t actually fit at the same time. Made me realize that publishing photos on this blog makes me discover the city under a totally new angle,… Continue Reading…

Getting wiggy with it!

Semi-headless, wigged-up dummies. Now, who can top that up? 🙂

… le beau temps

Many say Hanoi is very often grey and cloudy. Well, I hope this photograph will help showing that’s not (always) the case! For the sake of full disclosure though, I have to confess that two hours after I took this… Continue Reading…

Après la pluie…

After having lived almost five years next to the equator (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) with a constant temperature all year round (say, 30 celsius with 80% humidity) it’s quite a nice change to be arriving in Vietnam where there are actual… Continue Reading…


Here’s a night shot of a nice square (Lý Thái Tổ), next to the Hoàn Kiếm lake. I love how all generations are represented, making it truly a public place!