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Month: June 2008

Péché mignon

What can be better than traditional sandwiches to get along with wine? No, I’m not obsessed with food (nor drinks)… Not.


Sunday: time to clean the house. In case you don’t have the tools, you might want to buy a broom from this street vendor… Handy!

Back to school

Young and innocent; certainly the little girls painted on this kindergarten wall are. It’s funny how they remind me of the drawings that were in the books I had in primary school; do you remember yours?

Through the looking glass

Okay, so now you know I like lakes. Here’s another shot taken near Hoàn Kiếm the other day; although there are a lot of tourists around there, people were still curious when I was walking and snapping pictures.

Afternoon treat

Lots of fruits, some crushed ice and some condensed milk: there you have your hoa qua dam! Perfect for a lazy afternoon after a walk under the sun.

Un air de fête

It was a Friday night on Truc Bach lake and I saw those families and couples waiting along the road with balloons, ice cream cones and wide grins. Made me smile.

Candy shop

Imagine my delight when I entered this bakery and saw those Carambars. Reminded me of primary school, when my classmates and I were almost missing the school bus after having ran to the local bakery to buy a couple of… Continue Reading…

Swan Lake

Swan-riding is something apparently very popular here during the weekends, especially when you’re a couple. Hmm, I have got to give it a try sometime!

Like a Sunday

Sunday morning is always a perfect time to go shopping for a couple of books, isn’t it? Well, at least to look around, as most of them are in Vietnamese in this nice looking street-bookshop. Have a great Sunday everyone!… Continue Reading…

Vox populi, vox dei

Every day at 6am, those speakers broadcast some local news, classifieds and songs. Oh, and pay no attention to the wires, you’ll just get used to it after a while!